Homemade Peanut Butter

Imagine a very rainy day sharing warm toasted peanuts over the tea,  that is the best way to spend an evening for me.

Butterless Orange Cake

Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh Hey, jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way A very merry Christmas everyone 😊 😊 😊

Baked Easy Bread Pudding

 If two consecutive bread recipes does not shows my addiction to bread then nothing else will do… Along with payasam and all bread pudding is dish I started my cooking journey with, back then I used to cook this almost every week for my sister but now it is been a long time since I made this..

Peanut Butter French Toast

Well!!! What will you do when the idea of both french toast as well as a peanut butter sandwich looks appealing to you on a fine saturday morning… You will make the ‘Peanut Butter French Toast ‘

Potato Stir Fry

This is my goto dish when I have to man the kitchen because mom is not available.

Potato Stir Fry, red coconut chutney and an egg omelet will make my day and lucky for me my whole family loves this combo

Strawberry Cake

I might be around 5 or 6 years old when I first saw and tasted an ice cream with pink color… till that day only ice cream I know about are the white one’s ,our lovely lady vanilla..Imagine my surprise when I took of the paper lid and saw the pinky pink ice cream…I was awed and my chattery self couldn’t shut up whole day about the lovely pink color ice cream…

Soya Chunks Curry with a North Indian Twist

I love Soya..So does dad, he says it kinda feel like chicken. But again the villain is Molutty, my little sister, she hate it and refuse to take a bite. So everyone mom cooks soya she have to make another curry for Molutty. So she stopped buying it altogether. So this week we went shopping I made he

Eggless Choco-Strawberry Microwave Mug Cake

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 🙂 This Christmas is very special to me,well Christmas is always special but this one is extra special…. I got engaged on this Christmas During whole November and December I was too busy with the engagement arrangement.. parlor etc…couldn’t do anything special

Banana Payasam

As once I have mentioned, I love banananana… But my one of my couzin brozz hate it… he hate it with a passion.. he hate all type if fruits

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Fudge

“Wanna be always Happy? Always carry some chocolate with you ;)” So here is some mouth watering chocolate fudges, it melts in your mouth and fills your heart… It never fails to put a smile on your loved ones face 🙂 Recipe source : Milkmaid recipe