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Dryfruits Banana Momos


In Kerala we have a  sweet snack we make with rice flour dough, coconut and sweetener,  in our area we call it kozhukatta. And there is another famous sweet snack called called unnakaya made with Banana and sweet filling but it is fried.  This Dry fruit Banana is a marriage of both 🙂 😉 Its steamed bananas with dryfruit sweet filling.
Banana is something that is always available at our home,  mom always keep it stocked because steamed bananas are one of her easy way out sides for breakfast :),   and all of us love to much on some bananas for evening snack. And I believe I have posted a lot of Banana recipes in here already to prove that 🙂  Bananas always ignite my creativity 😉


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Payaru Payasam / Payatu Payasam

Payasam is my all time favorite, my cooking escapade started from my love for payasam. When I first started cooking payasam used to be a daily member on our afternoon tea table, it reached to a point that my sister threatened to kill me if I make payasam anymore. My mom is an expert in payasam, she have her own tips and tricks with it, so it is handed down to me when I started my adventure.

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Sweet Chatti Pathiri

Cookery shows have always been my favorite TV program. During the holy month of Ramzan and Bakrid every channels will be showcasing the Malabar delicacies like chatti pathiri. My mouth waters every time time I saw them but the complexities and technicalities kept me away from trying them out, also the fact that they always showed the non-veg version on TV and my mom don’t eat meat.

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Prawns Pepper Fry Masala

I got this recipe from one of my friends, I tried it at home and was a great success…My family loved it 🙂 Even though it takes time it’s comparatively easy.

  • Servings: 5-serving
  • Time: 60 mins
  • Difficulty: medium
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