Orange Cake (#butterless) 

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Hey, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way

A very merry Christmas everyone 😊 😊 😊

I know,  I know,  it is well over Christmas and I am late as usual but still..

Merry Christmas 🙂

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Fruit Trifle

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” ~Ernestine Ulmer

Esp. when the dessert is a Fruit Trifle. 😉

Rich with lots of cake, fruits and custard, fruit trifle is one of my favorite desserts.One of restaurants we often visits always have fruit trifle as one of the desserts for their Sunday buffet, that is where I tasted this heaven for the first time and then all our visits to that restaurant were for their buffet special fruit trifle.

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No Butter Fluffy Pancakes & Fruity sauce

Except from cooking my other hobby is reading and in every book I read there is a lot of mention about pancakes and about a varieties of pancakes .. banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, pancakes and maple syrup, chocolate sauce whipped cream blah blah blah blah… everyone is crazy about pancakes. But being born and brought up in a remote part of Kerala I never got a chance to taste this much loved dish so I decided to try it out on my kitchen. And the first time I tried it it was a big failure and my sis banned me from trying it out again 😦

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