Homemade Peanut Butter

Imagine a very rainy day sharing warm toasted peanuts over the tea,  that is the best way to spend an evening for me.

One of the sounds that always gets me excited as a kid (even now)  is the bells of a roasted peanut vendor.  I can identify that unique tune from anywhere, it is simply made by tapping the steel spoon to the side of the pan he roast the peanuts but that rhythm is always music to my ears.

This peanut addiction kind of runs in the family me, my mom, my dad,  my little sissy we all love peanuts and now I am in a process of getting my hubby addicted to it as well 😜.

It is a common belief  that nuts increase your body weight but when we joined gym our dietitian told us to take a handful of nuts everyday(maximum 1 handful), we switch between the nuts like almonds,  peanuts and cashews. So these days we will always have these nuts stored at home, that’s how I started thinking about making homemade peanut butter. Both me n my hubby loves it, there will always be a bottle of peanut butter present in our refrigerator then why can’t we just make it at home than buying it.


  • Servings: ”100
  • Difficulty: ”medium
  • Print



  • Course: Spread
  • Cooking Technique: Grinding and Roasting 
  • Preparation Time: 20 minutes 
  • Cooking Time: 10 minutes 


Raw Peanuts –  500gms

Flavorless oil – 1 tablespoon


Honey (optional)

Steps :

  1. Dry roast the peanuts till it starts giving out that beautiful roasty aroma,  or we can say till the skin turns a little red and easy to take off (try not to burn it 😉)
  2. Let the peanuts cook down and then peel them all.
  3. Now put them in your in your mixer grinder’s wet jar and grind it til they break down a little. If 
  4. you want crunchy peanut butter,  remove some of the crushed peanut from the jar at this stage.
  5. Now add a tablespoon (or less)  of any  flavour less oil I used olive oil.
  6. Now grind it to fine paste,  there will be a lot of oil getting released from your peanut so you can reduce the amount of oil we add if you want to.
  7. Now sdd some salt and honey (optional)  according to your taste and blend it in.
  8. Now you can move tge peanuts yo a clean moisture free jar and let it settle. Once it cool down,  you can keep the lid on and store it. (better keep it in the refrigerator)


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