Sweet Boli


Boli is one of my favorite South Indian sweets,it’s one of the major attractions about Hindu Weddings for me. But never in my dream I thought I will be making Boli 😛 I have heard the process is very tiring and time consuming, well it was esp for a newbie like me.

I was living a happy life by enjoying store bought Boli till one day one of my besties pinged me. We were just conversing about her first onam away from with her hubby and her growing cooking skills when she send me a pic of the onasadhya she cooked up, and there it was to the side in light yellow colour the mouth watering sweet melting drool worthy Boli that too made by her. Well that got me restless, you can say little jealous too 😛 😉 if she made it then am not going back on it either, I wanna do it too.. From next day onward started my hunt for the perfect Boli recipe and thanks for ‘KurryLeaves’ I got a lovely recipe. The site even had step by step pictorial representation which was very helpful, but sorry I did not have any step by step pics cause if you see the way I handled it you might get a heart attack.. you should have seen my mom’s face when she see her kitchen after my adventure 😛 😉

But at the end it was all worth it… After having this homemade Boli I doubt my family will ever be able to enjoy the store bought once.

Recipe source : Kurryleaves


Sweet Boli

  • Servings: 10-serving
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Print


Coating Dough :

  • 250 grams All purpose flour  
  • 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder  
  • Water   as needed
  • Filling :

    • 200 grams Kadala Paripu / Begal lentilsgram
    • water as needed
    • 200 grams Sugar
    • 3 tablespoons Ghee
    • 5 numbers Cardomom
    • Dusting n cooking :

    • Rice flour
    • Ghee


    1. Wash the gram lentils, add sufficient quantity of water and cook just until the lentils turns soft. If using a pressure cook, take enough water to stast above the lentils level and cook till the first whistle , then off the flame and wait till the pressure releases by itself.
    2. While the lentil is cooking we can make the coating mixture, mix the all purpose flour, turmeric and water to form a sticky soft dough but not too loose. Once the dough is formed add the oil to it and let it sit for an hour or at least 30 minutes.
    3. Now drain the cooked lentils, let it cool before grinding it into a smooth paste in a grinder.
    4. Heat the paste in a pan and add sugar to the paste. The paste become watery once the sugar melts, so cook it till it turns thick enough to shape it into balls, then add the ghee and take it off the flame. Don’t let the paste dry.
    5. Roast the cardamom a little, powder it and add it on to the paste.
    6. Once the one hour is up with the coating mixture and lentil paste cools down we can start the battle with the coating pressing and cooking…
    7. Make small balls (not too small, not too big, as big as lemon or ladoo) out of the lentil paste and keep it aside.
    8. Wet your palm a little and take a small portion of the flour dough, just enough to cover the gram paste balls, spread it on you palm.
    9. Place the ball on the center and cover it with the dough by pulling it towards the center like we do for momos or kozhukatta.
    10. Press the ball to make a little flat and cover it with rice flour.
    11. Flatten the ball into thin circular sheet like we do for chapati, dust it with rice flour regularly to prevent sticking .
    12. Heat a tawa and cook the boli for a few seconds. Spread a little ghee on to the top and remove it from the flame. Repeat the process with remaining dough.
    13. Serve hot with hot paal ada or semiya kheer or pal payasam.


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      Looks great….

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