Aval Laddoo/ Rice Flakes Balls

It’s a easy snack recipe that melts in our mouth n its a deviation from our usual aval nanachathu and aval vilayichathu. Taste so different that we can’t believe it’s our ordinary rice flakes. 🙂

Aval Laddoo

  • Difficulty: easy
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Rice FlakesAval





  1. Roast the Rice Flakes in a pan. Roast a few Cardomom as well.
  2. Powder them together in a mixer.
  3. Add to it Jaggery and Ghee again mix them together in a mixer.
  4. Add enough ghee n jaggery to hold powder together when we make balls out of it.
  5. Once the ingredients are mixed well move it to a plate and make balls from it using your hands.

  1. Add Jaggery according to your taste, i have a sweet tooth so I added a lots of Jaggery 😛
  2. When u roast rice flakes make sure it doesn’t get burned or become too dark in color.


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